New Memories for New Applications


Samsung is now developing to support this new movement, offering new solution such as ePOP as well as expanding the current eMMC based MCP (eMCP) line-ups to include cost effective Class 100 eMMC based solutions.

For products like the watchphone where the space is critical, Samsung is developing a new memory solution called “ePOP”, currently expanding Samsung’s cost competitive eMMC based solution to these new line-ups, including 1GB, 2GB eMMC density..

Driving the space saving feature of the MCP further, Samsung’s ePOP goes on top of the application processor, offering the compactness of MCP to customers who faces extreme design space challenges for their new devices.

Samsung’s eMCP memory can be used to expand computing power and content storage supporting high-definition video playback and other high-end multimedia features.Incorporating Samsung’s one of the most cost competitive eMMC into the MCP, the consumers can now enjoy the benefits of using MCP at lowered cost, matching the needs from the devices such as ULCP.